Monday, 18 April 2011

Salute 16th April - Photos from the games


We ran 3 games during the course of the day,with 4, 8, and then 10 players respectively. The first game was time limited to 45 minutes, with 2 squads of 4 soldiers per side, but in the event produced a complete wipeout within 40 minutes. As it was a convention game, we didn't use the respawn rules, to produce a decisive result, in a limited time.

Both sets of players quickly got into the spirit of things, with RPGs being used as anti-personnel weapons, and each teams wookies sniping from rooftops at maximum little effect. Once the Recon (Wokkies) switched to mortars, they had more of an impact, knocking off big chunks of exterior walls, of several buildings, and killing several of the opposing team.

Meanwhile, both sides Assault/Medics clashed at close range - resulting in a bloody, but clear victory for the Russian forces.

The first game had drawn quite a crowd, and the second game started with 4 squads per side (8 players in total). The game ran for an hour, and produced another bloody result, this time with heavy casualties on both sides, and another, albeit marginal win for the Russians. The T-90 tank, that started the day in the centre of the table, predictably attracted a flurry of RPGs, and mortar barrages, and soon went up in smoke.

The third, and final game of the day started with 10 squads (ie 5 players per side) - I hadn't planned on playing with more than 8 players in a game, but considering we had people willing to wait for more than 20 minutes beforehand, to ensure they got a place, it seemed only fair to make room - even then we ended up having to turn people away.

The final game also ran for an hour, again producing a decisive result, with the Americans losing both a humvee, and a M1A1 Abrams to mortar fire. Both sides also took dogtags, as players became more bold.

Although, clearly i'm bias, i'd suggest the rules worked well - producing a result, in each game. For a one off participation game, it worked well, setting a time limit, and having no respawn - the hour long games with 8/10 players produced 4 turns of action in each case, which meant that ammo expenditure was only just becoming a factor, when we finished. A slightly longer "club" game, would really see the additional rules for ammo/medic packs etc, really come into play, and respawn would encourage players to try some of the other pieces of kits (such C4, or mines) as they would be more comfortable with taking a few risks.

I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone from Frothers, that painted up additional squads/terrain, to bring along on the day, to the players for gaming in a good-natured way, and to Scott, (aka aliensurfer) for helping umpiring all three games!