Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Detailing (Pt 4)

The countdown towards the big game continues!

Salute, at London Docklands Excel, is on 16th April, and so i'm busy making final preparations. The rules are written, and ready to go (and will be available to download, for free, from my rules page, after Salute). Currently, i'm undercoating the buildings, which doesn't make for a very exciting photo (just look at the previous buildings WIPs, and imagine them covered in brown paint), so here instead is a photo of an electricity pylon.

Arica Harbor contains a number of pylons, which run along the outskirts of the map - given the limits of my table (8' x 4'), only one is present on tabletop. Its a plastic Hornby model railway kit, and stands approx 23cm tall when complete. Thats all for now - the next couple of weeks will see (fingers crossed) the completion of a project, that I started last July, so hopefully plenty more photos to follow, once its finished, and some game reports as well, from Salute.