Sunday, 2 January 2011

Arica Harbour - Buildings (WIP) Part 5

Now for some collapsed buildings. As previously mentioned, once the exterior walls have been destroyed, in Battlefield Bad Company 2, a building will suffer catastrophic collapse, killing anyone left in the building - I therefore needed to represent this on the tabletop.
Fortunately, all of the buildings fit on a standard 6" x 6" base, which means that I can use the collapsed bases interchangeably.

I'm using two basic methods - a "nest", and a "mound". The "nest" simply has an inner square, or nest of foamcard, to allow the added pieces to be positioned at an angle, and to provide a point, around which, the rest of the model can be built up.

The model is then coated with glue, and various grades of sand and stones to create the desired debris look.

The "mound" is again, very simple - i've used a high density polysterene core, and attached debris to it.

This method is less like the typical collapsed building, in the game, but provides some variety, and is also quick to make.

Overall, i'll probably need half a dozen of these for the game, so still more work to do.