Sunday, 30 January 2011

Arica Harbour - Vehicles Pt1

I've started painting up some vehicles, for the game - in each instance I need a damaged version as well ..... ok, I don't "need" them, but I reckon it will improve the look of the game!

The humvees are 1/55th resin from Fenris Games - lovely castings, I would thoroughly recommend them (they also do a pickup version).

The Abrams tanks, are 1/56th diecasts from Hobbymaster - now sadly OOP, but you can still find them now and again, on the internet.

Thats all, for now - need to get back to work on the final draft of the rules, for the game, and of course making some more buildings.

Arica Harbour - Buildings (Painting) Pt2

Had time to splash some paint on another building today - the first of the concrete & girder partially built structures. As mentioned previously, these are indestructable in the BF:BC2 game, and so are made as a single, strudy piece.

Also started basing up some more "extras", and a few figures, ready for priming. So much to do....

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Arica Harbour - Buildings (Painting) Pt1

I'd started to get bored of staring at piles of white foamcard, and so decided to paint the first of the buildings today. Arica Harbour has plenty of different colour schemes, with a combination of greens, blues, and prevalent.
Before painting, I first sealed the remaining edges of foamcard, with a dab of polyfiller, which made the painting a bit easier to complete. I also applied watered down polyfiller to the exterior/interior walls, to provie some texture.

Between now, and then end of the project, i'm probably going to have to average a building a week, in order to finish on schedule.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Detailing (Pt 2)

Had a few minutes on my hands, while building parts were drying, and so stated on another piece of detailing - this time a refuse tip.

Unfortunately the people of Arica Harbour, have other things on their minds (such as two warring armies blowing big chunks out of their town), and so the rubbish pile is likely to grow in size, over time.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Arica Harbour - Buildings (WIP) Part 5

Now for some collapsed buildings. As previously mentioned, once the exterior walls have been destroyed, in Battlefield Bad Company 2, a building will suffer catastrophic collapse, killing anyone left in the building - I therefore needed to represent this on the tabletop.
Fortunately, all of the buildings fit on a standard 6" x 6" base, which means that I can use the collapsed bases interchangeably.

I'm using two basic methods - a "nest", and a "mound". The "nest" simply has an inner square, or nest of foamcard, to allow the added pieces to be positioned at an angle, and to provide a point, around which, the rest of the model can be built up.

The model is then coated with glue, and various grades of sand and stones to create the desired debris look.

The "mound" is again, very simple - i've used a high density polysterene core, and attached debris to it.

This method is less like the typical collapsed building, in the game, but provides some variety, and is also quick to make.

Overall, i'll probably need half a dozen of these for the game, so still more work to do.