Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Arica Harbour - Terrain (WIP) Part 8

The Boards are finished!
Have added extra debris of various grades, to parts of the boards, to look like land slippage, or piles of builders rubble, and painted to blend in. I then sealed the boards with varnish, before adding silflor tufts and other greenry to represent small areas of scrub.

I tried to add the extra debris/green foliage in a logical fashion, in areas where any surface water would have run off, but ultimately it was added to "look right".

Hopefully I managed to avoid teh temptation to add too much - it is supposed to be a semi-arid desert region afterall!

The next stage is to create some extra add-on scenary, in the form of a few trees, and larger bushes, for snipers to hide behind - these won't be integral to the boards, so as to make storage/transportation easier.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Arica Harbour - Terrain (WIP) Part 7

Second layer of paint is done - "Crown Almond" I think. Was a bit worried at first, as it looked almost white, and this is supposed to be set in the Chilean desert, not in Siberia, but fortunately it has dried a bit darker.

Next steps are to add some more rubbe/debris fields, seal the boards with some Vallejo Spray varnish, and then add some minimal foliage.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Arica Harbour - Terrain (WIP) Part 6

Have started painting the terrain - only the base colours, but already it is beginning to feel more like a games table, and less like a pile of recycling!
Base coat is Matt Emulsion, liberally brushed over the Dried Kiln sand. The basecoat brown is "Crown Brown Sugar" - will be drybrushing with a lighter colour to pick out the texture from the sand.
Once its sealed, i'll be adding some foliage, trees etc - then back to work on buildings. The boards are slightly apart, as the paint is still drying - there may well be some small gaps once the boards are put together, but hopefully nothing that a bit of scatter can't mask.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Arica Harbour - Terrain (WIP) Part 5

Next job was to texture the boards - I used a mix of dried kiln sand (available from any builders merchants), and PVA glue.

The sand not only provides texture, making it easier to drybrush later on, but also provides extra rigidity to the boards.