Thursday, 22 July 2010

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - a quick introduction

Battlefield Bad Company 2 (BF:BC2) is a fast-paced tactical skirmish game, by Entertainment Arts Inc (EA). There are various different games with the game, my favourite of which is Squad Rush, which involves up to 3 squads of 4 soldiers on each side, battling it out over varied terrain. Vehicles do play a part, but are limited in number.

The main focus of the Battlefield game is upon using the 4 classes of soldier, and their different weaponry/equipment, as a team, to overcome your opponent/capture the flag/destroy the base stations etc....

Armed with an assault rifle, with an underslung grenade launcher. Equipped with an ammunition resupply capability.
Armed with a submachinegun (and maybe a silencer), the Engineer may also carry either an anti-tank weapon/RPG, or anti-tank mines. The Engineer is also equipped with a drill that may repair/damage vehicles.
The medic is armed with a light machine gun, but crucially may be equipped with medical packs to heal his comrades and even a defibrilator to revive recently "deceased" team mates.
aka the wookie, Recon isn't just a "sniper", although often armed with a telescopic rifle. The ability to be equipped with either a laser designator for mortar strikes, or C4 explosive, plus motion sensors makes the Recon trooper a valuable asset IF used correctly. All troop types also have a pistol, a knife and hand grenades.