Sunday, 25 July 2010

Arica Harbour - Buildings (WIP) Part1

I've made a testpiece as a template for the buildings, to get an idea of the simplest and most effective way to construct lots of buildings. To keep with the charcter of the BF:BC2 game,the buildings need to be able to represent various different levels of destruction. I've therefore built a central core, and added on the external walls as detachable sections, giving me 5 levels of damage (the fifth being total destruction).

The Core - 6mm MDF base - 6"x6", with a 3mm foamcard floor, topped with balsa that has been scored to represent planks. The internal walls are then glued on - internal wall height is 47mm, doorways are 40mm high, 30mm wide. External walls are 65mm high, to allow for a lip on the edge of the roof.

The roof is also 3mm foamcard, topped with plasticard for a corrugated look - the roof can be secured using magnets, to provide stability, but rests on the internal walls.

The external walls, are in corners, to allow them to stand up by themselves, with a small piece of wood to provide rigidity.

The final piece. Future buildings will vary in size and shape - some will have two floors - all will fit in a 6"x6" base so as to be interchangable.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Arica Harbour - Terrain (WIP) Part 2

I've begun to build up the raised areas of the town, cover over the garages, and add the various sets of steps to the upper level. All of this work is being done with 3mm foamcard.

The white square at the top of the first photo shows the site of one of the building bases.

A closeup of one of the sets of steps, with some 28mm converted Eureka minis for scale purposes.

Have also begun to add some more to the slopes at the "top end" of the Arica map. All of this will eventually be smoothed out with filler. Lots more to be done!

Arica Harbour - Terrain (WIP) Part1

For my terrain, I am using the Arica Harbour Deathmatch map, which allows me to represent all of the main features on a 8'x4' table. The basic shape can be seen on the photo below - the locations of buildings are represented by the squares of paper with a large "X" marked on them.

In total I will need 16 buildings, including 3 partically built building sites, and a couple of portacabins. I've chosen to make the buildings on a standard template of 6"x6", in order that they may be swopped around. One important feature of the game, is the ability to damage buildings, so my scratchbuilt attempts will need to represent this.
The areas where the high density polysterene has been cut away, will represent a variety of garages and steps - i'm not aiming to accurately represent every rock and shrub, but rather give a feel for the game. Likewise, when it comes to the different levels/slopes and hills, I simply don't have room to represent the great disparity in heights, but will try to produce something that still gives the impression of different levels.
Baseboards are 2 foot square, and made of 12mm MDF. The polysterene is built up in different thicknesses from 1/4 inch to 2 inches.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - a quick introduction

Battlefield Bad Company 2 (BF:BC2) is a fast-paced tactical skirmish game, by Entertainment Arts Inc (EA). There are various different games with the game, my favourite of which is Squad Rush, which involves up to 3 squads of 4 soldiers on each side, battling it out over varied terrain. Vehicles do play a part, but are limited in number.

The main focus of the Battlefield game is upon using the 4 classes of soldier, and their different weaponry/equipment, as a team, to overcome your opponent/capture the flag/destroy the base stations etc....

Armed with an assault rifle, with an underslung grenade launcher. Equipped with an ammunition resupply capability.
Armed with a submachinegun (and maybe a silencer), the Engineer may also carry either an anti-tank weapon/RPG, or anti-tank mines. The Engineer is also equipped with a drill that may repair/damage vehicles.
The medic is armed with a light machine gun, but crucially may be equipped with medical packs to heal his comrades and even a defibrilator to revive recently "deceased" team mates.
aka the wookie, Recon isn't just a "sniper", although often armed with a telescopic rifle. The ability to be equipped with either a laser designator for mortar strikes, or C4 explosive, plus motion sensors makes the Recon trooper a valuable asset IF used correctly. All troop types also have a pistol, a knife and hand grenades.

New Project - "Battlefield Bad Company 2"

Another day....another project.

Not content with one ambitious project (Aliens), i've decided to start the next one on my list - a homage to the Battlefield Bad Company 2 (BF:BC2) PC/Console game - my rationale being that alternating between the two will avoid me going stale, and hopefully keep both projects on track.

My plan is to build a table, based upon the "Arica Harbour" map, in BF:BC2, paint up the necessary miniatures/vehciles represented by the game, AND write a set of fastplay rules that replicate the character of the PC/console game, so that playing the tabletop wargame isn't "just another modern skirmish game".