Thursday, 30 December 2010


I had a bit of spare time on my hands while waiting for the trees to dry, and so added some additional detailing. Not strictly necessary, for the Battlefield game, but just to add a little extra character to the table.
The posters are just photoshopped to size, and then glued to the existing walls.

The sewage outflow pipe is simply a section of piping, with some resin water effect added.

Trees & Bushes

Apart from completing the buildings, there are a few other scenic items that need to be made for the table. The main item on the list, is the foliage - trees & bushes - as cover for snipers.

The bushes were quick and easy to make - I just cut up a couple of strips of hobby hedgerow, to the appropriate size, and mounted on bases.

The trees are woodland scenic plastic branches with "dead foliage" added, and based upon coins to provide some stability to the bases.

As this last photo shows, the majority of the foliage cover is dotted around the edges of the board. There will also eventually be a few garbage skips & oil drums scattered around the town, to provide additional cover.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Arica Harbour - Buildings (WIP) Part 4

A quick update - have built one of the "building sites" - these partly constructed concrete shells, are the only buildings in the Arica harbour that are indestructable. For this reason, the building doesn't need to have any removable features, to represent damage, which is probably just as well.

They give a sniper a real height advantage, allowing them to see virtually everything on the map....but of course mean you can be seen by everyone else as well!

This final photo should give a sense of the height differential, that is so important in the game.

So that is one now of each of the 3 basic types of buildings (there are of course portacabins to make, in addition to the permanent structures). Still lots to do, as you will see from the "empty lots" on the table.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Arica Harbour - Buildings (WIP) Part 3

Some more work on the first of the two-storey houses - this shows the basic layout of the upper storey - as with the ground floor, the internal walls are glued to the flooring, with the external walls detachable, to represent damage, as in the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Game.

Have added some more balsa wood to the stairs - still needs tidying up, but the painting stage will help.

The balconies are only 18mm high, so that kneeling figures can stick their rifles over the edge. The upper level external walls are 65mm high, so that there is a lip to the roof, once it is added.

A quick photo to show the height differential that is beginning to build up on the table - needless to say, there is still a LONG way to go, on this project.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Arica Harbour - Buildings (WIP) Part 2

Now that the basic table is completed, i've started work upon the rest of the buildings. Many of these will be two-stories, but will follow the basic principles of the test model, ie they must fit on a 6 inch square template, with the internal walls being glued to to the base, and teh outer walls detachable, to represent damage.

The internal walls are made of 3mm foamboard, with thin balsawood to line the floor, and stairs. The upper storey will then rest upon the internal least that is the plan!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Arica Harbour - Terrain (WIP) Part 8

The Boards are finished!
Have added extra debris of various grades, to parts of the boards, to look like land slippage, or piles of builders rubble, and painted to blend in. I then sealed the boards with varnish, before adding silflor tufts and other greenry to represent small areas of scrub.

I tried to add the extra debris/green foliage in a logical fashion, in areas where any surface water would have run off, but ultimately it was added to "look right".

Hopefully I managed to avoid teh temptation to add too much - it is supposed to be a semi-arid desert region afterall!

The next stage is to create some extra add-on scenary, in the form of a few trees, and larger bushes, for snipers to hide behind - these won't be integral to the boards, so as to make storage/transportation easier.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Arica Harbour - Terrain (WIP) Part 7

Second layer of paint is done - "Crown Almond" I think. Was a bit worried at first, as it looked almost white, and this is supposed to be set in the Chilean desert, not in Siberia, but fortunately it has dried a bit darker.

Next steps are to add some more rubbe/debris fields, seal the boards with some Vallejo Spray varnish, and then add some minimal foliage.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Arica Harbour - Terrain (WIP) Part 6

Have started painting the terrain - only the base colours, but already it is beginning to feel more like a games table, and less like a pile of recycling!
Base coat is Matt Emulsion, liberally brushed over the Dried Kiln sand. The basecoat brown is "Crown Brown Sugar" - will be drybrushing with a lighter colour to pick out the texture from the sand.
Once its sealed, i'll be adding some foliage, trees etc - then back to work on buildings. The boards are slightly apart, as the paint is still drying - there may well be some small gaps once the boards are put together, but hopefully nothing that a bit of scatter can't mask.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Arica Harbour - Terrain (WIP) Part 5

Next job was to texture the boards - I used a mix of dried kiln sand (available from any builders merchants), and PVA glue.

The sand not only provides texture, making it easier to drybrush later on, but also provides extra rigidity to the boards.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Arica Harbour - Terrain (WIP) Part 4

Quick Update - i've covered all 8 boards with polyfiller to fill in gaps, and provide texture, where needed.

Next step will be to cost the boards with a Kiln Dried Sand/PVA glue mix, and then paint! Have had minimal time to work on the boards this month, due to work etc, but should be able to make significant progress in the next few weeks....hopefully....

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Arica Harbour - Terrain (WIP) Part 3

Brief Update:

I've added the cardwork, where needed. The boards now have 6" square spaces for the building templates to sit in, and i've built up the raised areas, to give more of a feel for the different levels of terrain.
All of the walling, steps etc, have been done with 3mm foamcard, which has then been pinned while it dries, to hold the shape.
Some of the raised areas have small garage areas, which play a part in the game, so on the suggestion of a fellow frother, i've cut out hatches, so these spaces are accessible, from above, rather than reaching across the table.
Looking down the table, to give an idea of the overall layout, when assembled.
Next step is to texture all 8 boards with a mix of tetron filler & PVA glue. Once this has dried i'll add more texture with a sand, boulder mix, before painting.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Arica Harbour - Buildings (WIP) Part1

I've made a testpiece as a template for the buildings, to get an idea of the simplest and most effective way to construct lots of buildings. To keep with the charcter of the BF:BC2 game,the buildings need to be able to represent various different levels of destruction. I've therefore built a central core, and added on the external walls as detachable sections, giving me 5 levels of damage (the fifth being total destruction).

The Core - 6mm MDF base - 6"x6", with a 3mm foamcard floor, topped with balsa that has been scored to represent planks. The internal walls are then glued on - internal wall height is 47mm, doorways are 40mm high, 30mm wide. External walls are 65mm high, to allow for a lip on the edge of the roof.

The roof is also 3mm foamcard, topped with plasticard for a corrugated look - the roof can be secured using magnets, to provide stability, but rests on the internal walls.

The external walls, are in corners, to allow them to stand up by themselves, with a small piece of wood to provide rigidity.

The final piece. Future buildings will vary in size and shape - some will have two floors - all will fit in a 6"x6" base so as to be interchangable.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Arica Harbour - Terrain (WIP) Part 2

I've begun to build up the raised areas of the town, cover over the garages, and add the various sets of steps to the upper level. All of this work is being done with 3mm foamcard.

The white square at the top of the first photo shows the site of one of the building bases.

A closeup of one of the sets of steps, with some 28mm converted Eureka minis for scale purposes.

Have also begun to add some more to the slopes at the "top end" of the Arica map. All of this will eventually be smoothed out with filler. Lots more to be done!

Arica Harbour - Terrain (WIP) Part1

For my terrain, I am using the Arica Harbour Deathmatch map, which allows me to represent all of the main features on a 8'x4' table. The basic shape can be seen on the photo below - the locations of buildings are represented by the squares of paper with a large "X" marked on them.

In total I will need 16 buildings, including 3 partically built building sites, and a couple of portacabins. I've chosen to make the buildings on a standard template of 6"x6", in order that they may be swopped around. One important feature of the game, is the ability to damage buildings, so my scratchbuilt attempts will need to represent this.
The areas where the high density polysterene has been cut away, will represent a variety of garages and steps - i'm not aiming to accurately represent every rock and shrub, but rather give a feel for the game. Likewise, when it comes to the different levels/slopes and hills, I simply don't have room to represent the great disparity in heights, but will try to produce something that still gives the impression of different levels.
Baseboards are 2 foot square, and made of 12mm MDF. The polysterene is built up in different thicknesses from 1/4 inch to 2 inches.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - a quick introduction

Battlefield Bad Company 2 (BF:BC2) is a fast-paced tactical skirmish game, by Entertainment Arts Inc (EA). There are various different games with the game, my favourite of which is Squad Rush, which involves up to 3 squads of 4 soldiers on each side, battling it out over varied terrain. Vehicles do play a part, but are limited in number.

The main focus of the Battlefield game is upon using the 4 classes of soldier, and their different weaponry/equipment, as a team, to overcome your opponent/capture the flag/destroy the base stations etc....

Armed with an assault rifle, with an underslung grenade launcher. Equipped with an ammunition resupply capability.
Armed with a submachinegun (and maybe a silencer), the Engineer may also carry either an anti-tank weapon/RPG, or anti-tank mines. The Engineer is also equipped with a drill that may repair/damage vehicles.
The medic is armed with a light machine gun, but crucially may be equipped with medical packs to heal his comrades and even a defibrilator to revive recently "deceased" team mates.
aka the wookie, Recon isn't just a "sniper", although often armed with a telescopic rifle. The ability to be equipped with either a laser designator for mortar strikes, or C4 explosive, plus motion sensors makes the Recon trooper a valuable asset IF used correctly. All troop types also have a pistol, a knife and hand grenades.

New Project - "Battlefield Bad Company 2"

Another day....another project.

Not content with one ambitious project (Aliens), i've decided to start the next one on my list - a homage to the Battlefield Bad Company 2 (BF:BC2) PC/Console game - my rationale being that alternating between the two will avoid me going stale, and hopefully keep both projects on track.

My plan is to build a table, based upon the "Arica Harbour" map, in BF:BC2, paint up the necessary miniatures/vehciles represented by the game, AND write a set of fastplay rules that replicate the character of the PC/console game, so that playing the tabletop wargame isn't "just another modern skirmish game".